On the trail of the interactive rally Roadmap to Adventure

A look at the design of the interactive «Roadmap to Adventure» rally with Margot Gosetti di Sturmeck, who followed the project from its infancy to its launch.

«Originally it was supposed to be a treasure hunt» recalls Margot Gosetti di Sturmeck, project manager of Disney Business Solutions. For sale since 2017 in the team building product line, the interactive Roadmap to Adventure rally is about pushing back the forces of evil that seek to take control of the Disneyland® Park. Equipped with a tablet, participants (between 2 and 6 per group) roam the park in search of clues and challenges related to universes and stories.

“I was invited to the preparatory meetings by the designer of the time,” says Margot, “first of all as a fan of Disney characters and movies to help write the story.” But his infographic expertise will also prove invaluable for the designer who entrusts him with the development of a visual universe specific to this adventure. In addition to creating the elements for the participants’ tablet, she finally coordinates the various stages in connection with Disney experts (legal, creative, artistic, etc.)

Thus the participants are greeted in the game by introductory sequences shot in the park with the characters, immediately setting the tone. Everything happens on the tablet: first these kinematics, then the challenges: find details in photo, races against the clock or even observation challenges.   «The big challenge, continues Margot, was to change nothing in the park, and yet we really feel like interacting with this new setting!»

The project team, for its part, has set out to create a new adventure for participants who are working alongside visitors enjoying their day at the park. “We wanted to encourage participants to observe the details and subtleties of the park, while keeping them safe, avoiding major traffic corridors and keeping the mystery and atmosphere alive.”

Finally, there was all the architecture that had to be put in place, so that people could really get involved. “The project team has imagined a lot of twists and turns, unexpected things that come up, so it’s always exhilarating.” Last step: the field test sessions: After several months of work, I was absolutely convinced of the quality and efficiency of the game and I took a lot of pleasure to watch the reactions of the participants, especially those who were less excited by this type of game and who let themselves be taken by the story!» Concluded Margot.