Fairs and exhibitions: the 3 reasons to skip the step

Every year, Île-de-France hosts more than 400 trade fairs (trade, consumer and mixed) that attract nearly 9 million visitors. However, the fair remains an underexploited medium, particularly by small and medium-sized enterprises/Smes.

With 700,000 m² of space, Paris Île-de-France offers the richest and most varied infrastructure in the world to host professional events. These exhibitions, whether they are public or professional, allow companies that exhibit to sign 17 million contracts each year, and to realize more than 30.5 billion euros in turnover (source: Unimev – Breakdown of the sector). Overview of the reasons to skip the step!

#1 Trade fairs are catalysts for business

Complete and effective tools to boost business, trade shows often serve as business generators. According to Unimev, 84% of companies develop their turnover through their participation in an exhibition. A quarter of it is generated during the event and three quarters in the following months, which means actively preparing for its participation. In some cases, the fairs also serve to mediate contracts concluded during the year, and thus to play on the company’s image. Finally, fairs are often gateways to international markets. According to the estimates of Unimev, exhibiting companies realize one third of their turnover with foreign customers.

#2 Participation in a trade show contributes to the company’s image

Professional or public events are formidable communication tools for companies. These strong times make it possible to publicize its offer or product while exploring new customers. “As soon as I attend a trade show, I am recognized as an expert in the field,” says Eric Van Gelderen, Sales Manager for Disney Business Solutions. For example, we welcome IT Partner, one of the emblematic trade fairs in the information and new technologies sector. Participating in this event is a sign of awareness for companies in the sector.” “The best illustration of this phenomenon is that companies return, every year attendance increases,” says Céline Distinguin, event manager for Disney Business Solutions.

#3 … and makes it possible to be part of an ecosystem

Maintaining its network, forging new partnerships and even monitoring its market, there are many advantages to being part of an ecosystem. In addition to the business issue, these events are also an opportunity to engage teams internally. As noted by Eric Van Gelderen, the fairs also allow to train all his staff in one time, by delivering a single communication, a strong message to mobilize people. Distribution or service companies organize their major professional events in our event spaces on an annual basis.” What are you waiting for?

Source: Figures for the business line of the event, UNIMEV, 2018